How to transfer WordPress blogposts to Goodreads Author blog

Oooh, look what I got in my email: a post on how to put some of my blog posts on my Goodreads Author Page. Now even more authors have this info. Yay!

Impractical Dreamer

Goodreads is every published Author’s sacred space. Reviews, events, videos – and your Goodreads Author blog all condensed under one roof.

However, tedious formatting is a major hurdle in composing a Goodreads blog post. Get an eyeful of the HTML codes required for italics, bold, paragraph, underline and image!

Goodreads HTML formatting

Are all authors techno-savvy? I’m not.

So, how do you bypass the HTML formatting on Goodreads? How to share posts from WordPress to Goodreads? Here’s my method …

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