Believing God and Believing in God

It is encouraging to read posts from Christians who know why they believe what they believe. If we don’t have a scriptural basis for what we believe, we will be in danger of being deceived by false religions (cults) as stated in Eph. 4:14. We are instructed to study the Bible so that we can avoid the pitfalls of secular humanism, new ageism, etc. See I Tim. 2:15. Reblogging and sharing on my FB (Aleta Kay) page. Also tweeting.

As He are we

This is just a something I posted on my Facebook and thought I’d blog it. Take it or leave it 🙂

I am a person who believes in God and believes God (yes there’s a difference) but I am also a person who likes to validate truth. I sometimes find myself in the middle of the Charismatic fringe and the evangelical fringe. Some believe no matter what without checking or validating. Other will only believe with hard facts and even then won’t believe. I use won’t instead of don’t for a reason. I choose to stand in the middle ground (one fringe cringes at the word balance and the other loves it as long as it’s tipping in their favor). Two scriptures I use: Romans 14:4 and Acts 5:38-39. With these you can be safe(another word the fringe cringe at). You can take things at face value or not. It’s…

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