Satan’s Bid For Your Child–Final Chapter


In 1946 Dr. Leland Bradford, an executive of the National Education Association, and a number of social psychologists worked with Kurt Lewin, a pioneer behavioral scientist, researching how science could change a man’s behavior. They surveyed the work of numbers of behaviorists and sought out new methods of re-educating human behavior and social relationships. A technique was developed which they called “sensitivity training.” Dr. Bradford and his associates then decided to open shop in a large rambling Victorian estate in Bethel, Maine.

Another view of man held by sensitivity theorists is that an individual is actually many persons. He is continually faced with deciding what he is.

Here is an example of sensitivity training. Some nude marathons last 20-48 hours. Some have been staged in California under the direction of psychotherapist Paul Bindrim. Bindrim maintains that man’s clothes are both a safe-guard for his privacy and a self-imposed constraint to keep out people whom he fears. Listen! You don’t realize this, but nudity is coming to your child’s school room. There is a high school in this area that has already had a play with a nude actor.

Marathons are held in which no words are spoken; only non-sense noises are made. Gestures are permitted as well as looks, stances, and caresses. Often the people slap each other freely. Finally they collapse on the floor in a giant tangle of sublimely relaxed bodies. Sometimes people emerge from these sensitivity encounters virtually shouting, “I’m changed! I’m saved!”

Do you get it? A group of people, about the size of our choir, take off their shoes, blindfold themselves, walk around feeling each other, scream dirty four-letter words as they wish, identify someone by feeling him and hollering his name, fall back in a trance into the arms of another, and collapse in a big quagmire of human flesh on the floor feeling their way around, feeling everybody’s body while blindfolded. That is so-called “scholarship.” It’s coming to America!

Dr. Carl Rogers says, “This differs from religious conversion in that the person is saved of himself rather than from the outside.”

Now, get this. The sensitivity oriented worship service was demonstrated at the World Council of Churches’ Assembly. At this Assembly in August 1968, at Uppsala, Sweden, Mr. McGaw of WBSI at LaJolla, California said, “We find ourselves a putt-putt church in a go-go world.” In their “touch and tell” service, everyone held hands in a circle during silent prayer to begin the service. Physical contact supposedly stimulates prayer. (I say it stimulates the need for it!) Each worshiper takes his turn to stand in the center of the circle, close his eyes, fall backwards, and be passed from one member of the group to another.

Recently in two congregations in the Baltimore area, about 30 people had a sensitivity session. One of the preachers had a predominately black congregation and the other was white. Part of the session was non-verbal and they danced and hugged each other. Most participants said they had a good time. I can imagine they did.

Let’s go further. Some of the liberal churches are making every effort to have the sensitivity training as demonstrated by the World Council of Churches’ film, “Another Pilgrim.” In the final scene of this film the pastor stands nude before his congregation! Yes! Listen carefully, because some of you are supporting this filth. Why was the pastor nude? He wanted to demonstrate complete honesty to his flock. That’s church!

That film, however, is but a feeble gesture compared with the primitive nude orgy recently staged by the “Living Theater” at a suburban Madison, Wisconsin church. The UPI report points out the new direction the church is taking. Orgiastic nudity and sensitivity training have moved up to the godless temple which now frantically seeks something or someone to worship. The newspaper account tells us that “seven members of the audience stripped naked. There was swearing, spitting, arguing, and flesh pile. The general scene made Dante’s Inferno look like a temperance union meeting. The pastor said he allowed the performance simply on the terms of civil liberties.

I am already uncomfortable writing this. Since this booklet was first published in 1971, and subsequent printings were also in the 70’s, I decided to do some research to see if this is still going on today. I would encourage anyone wanting to avoid this trap, and wanting to protect their children from these vile practices to look at the following links to learn more.…/tolerance-sensitivity-training/…id………org…


1) Get in a good church.

2) Get your child in all the activities of the church. When the doors are open, get him there. Get Junior in the choir. You say, “He’s thirteen and his voice is changing.” Okay, let him stand with the choir and croak. You say, “He can’t sing.” Let him hum. If can’t hum, just let him move his mouth, and pray nothing will come out. “But,” you say, “Brother Hyles, Junior won’t go.” Oh, brother! What kind of parent are you? I dare my boy not to go. He is seventeen years old now, but he obeys his dad.

Get your child involved in the activities of your church. When they are five and six years old and there’s an Easter egg hunt at the church, make them go. See that they do not miss anything while they’re young so they will build their lives around the church!

It is the same old story, ladies and gentlemen. Kids go wrong because of two words—Wrong Crowd. It is the same story, but the wrong crowd is more wrong than it used to be. It used to be that if a kid didn’t behave in school, or if he just got a bad grade in conduct, Mother said, “You can’t play with him after school anymore.” He was part of the wrong crowd! Nowadays, if a kid smokes marijuana and takes LSD, we just say, “Well, it’s a free country.”

Get them in the activities and keep them out of the wrong crowd.

3) Get your child into a Christian school. (Today, I would advise home school, even if you have to pay another home-school teacher to teach your child—many “Christian” schools are merely church schools, and not much different than public schools. There are many umbrella home-schools in which some of the parents are able (and apt) to teach the children. The children get socialization without the peer pressure, and still get a good education.) Many public schools allow the home-school children to participate in athletics.

If you can’t afford it, ask God to help you provide this for your child. Be willing to make some sacrifices in order to protect your child.

I thought there were going to be two more segments, but I believe I’ve copied all that’s necessary to get the point across. Our children are our most valuable asset. They are gifts from God and our God will hold us accountable for how we provide for, educate, and protect them. Everything we need to teach them character, godliness, financial responsibility, fidelity, friendship, and a good work ethic are in the Bible. There are also many reasonably priced online Christian programs. Every child needs supervision so someone must be home (regardless of the child’s age: the best kids can still get lazy and not take school work seriously if there is no supervision.)

 I hope these articles have helped some parents out there realize that the public education is not what it used to be, and contrary to what the NEA would like us to believe, they do not have our children’s best interests at heart. God made us parents to be the governors of our children’s lives, not the government. Please take this seriously. Every child is too important to put at risk. Most Christian colleges and Bible institutes accept home school graduation as credit for entrance if the grades meet the school’s standard.

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