Heartbreaking Story of the Red-Headed Baby

A situation to learn from. Young parents with babies need to heed advice of older, wiser people.

According to gossip, Redheaded Connie and Callie were reputed to have been left on their Pentecostal aunt’s doorstep at birth. This fascinating tidbit guaranteed my interest.  I imagined them lying in a basket, long waist-length braids hanging out of a basket, dusting the ground. They were high-school girls when I was in first grade, so I never gave them much thought after that.

Connie dropped our house for some forgotten reason, many years later with her young husband and a four-month-old baby girl.  Connie and Jimmy had been fishing the day before with their baby.  Apparently, they knew little about baby-care and they hadn’t protected the baby from the sun.  It was as red-headed as its young mother, and extremely sun-burned.  Mother was terribly worried about the baby, insisting the young parents take it to the doctor.  Since the baby didn’t act sick, nursed, and played happily, the inexperienced parents ignored my parents concerns and went…

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