What Can Mankind Learn From Eternal Punishment For Sin?

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Whether you believe in God, the Bible, and Jesus or not, your eternal destination is your choice. You can blame God for knowing all things, thereby knowing your choices before you make them. You can disregard the Bible, or dismiss it as a fairytale. You can ignore its wisdom and go your own way. Or you can accept the Bible as truth (you accept science and history, right?) and thank Jesus for going to the cross for your sins, accept His free gift of salvation, and spend eternity with Him.

God isn’t interested in man’s opinions. God is omnipotent. He sees all of time, from beginning to eternity, in an uninterrupted panorama so He knows the end of all things. He knows the results (consequences) of all of our choices and decisions. Because He is God, He is able to help us through anything and everything. His word is filled with promises for those who trust Him. He DOES NOT promise a trouble free life. If we had no problems we wouldn’t need Him. We’d never understand the depth of His love, grace, mercy, and compassion if we never needed Him.

The following link will take you a post on settledinheaven’s blog that explains it better than I do. Read on and believe, for your own sake as well as God’s.

What Can Mankind Learn From Eternal Punishment for Sin?