Satan’s Bid for Your Child: Profane Living

We asked, “Have you ever heard one of your school teachers use vulgar language in the classroom?” Eighty-seven percent said, “Yes.” “Have you ever heard a school teacher take the name of the Lord in vain in class?” Fifty percent said, “Yes.” “Do you ever hear students cursing aloud in class?” was answered “Yes” by ninety-three percent.

Now, get this. “Do any of your school friends drink?” “Yes” was answered by eighty-five percent. “Have you ever taken a drink?” Of the 230 high school students that filled out this form this morning in our high school departments, sixty-nine percent of them said, “Yes.” That’s over one-third of our First Baptist high schoolers! They’re sitting here tonight! This has happened to your children—the ones you “trust,” the ones of whom you said, “It can’t happen to my child. If he’s going to go out in the world someday, let him go now.” If sixty-nine percent of our 230 high school kids have already taken a drink of beer, whiskey, or wine, I wonder what it’s like down at the liberal churches! Do you wonder why our teens drank? I know! They were in the wrong crowd. Eighty-five percent were in a crowd that did it and thirty-nine percent went ahead and took it themselves!

What is another method the devil is using to get your child?


Now listen carefully! John Guernsey, education writer of the Portland “Oregonian,” recently witnessed a group of school administrators having their first experience playing sensitivity games. This is the ultimate in beastly living. Mr. Guernsey said “About fifty of the top Portland school district’s wheels, both men and women, recently took part in a sensitivity session conducted by Universeity of Portland psychologists.” Not wishing to go all out, they removed only their shoes. In one exercise the school administrators formed a circle and then took turns standing in the center letting themselves fall backward. Someone wasn’t paying close enough attention and one participant landed on the floor. The school officials’ sensitivity session also called for everyone to close his eyes, wander about the room in bare feet with arms outstretched, and try to identify others with his hands when he touched someone. You say, “Well, that’s in Oregon.” It also happened at one of our local high schools! Yes, teachers from this area met, men and women closed their eyes, blindfolded themselves, took off their shoes, felt each other, and tried to identify who they were by feeling each other! That’s heathenism! It’s going on all over this nation tonight.

Sensitivity training is sex education encouraging students to express all points of view freely. They also use four-letter words. They get together and say, “Okay, now express yourself.” If anybody wants to use a dirty four-letter word, he just screams it aloud! They say that is expressing yourself, removing all the guilt feeling, removing all the inhibitions.

To be continued Saturday. We only have two segments left to finish this information. Then I’ll move on to something else.

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