Life After Death

Kristeen is one of my favorite singers and her posts always touch my heart. Go to her site and listen to her song Praying For You. You’ll be glad you did, and wish there was more.

Kristeen Nicole Gillooly

You left the light on for me. I remember thinking maybe you had died when I didn’t see you in the morning, and there you appeared, alive and well in my dream. You were even wearing my bedtime shirt. I kissed you on your forehead and you made a comment about my bracelet. It was such a simple and comforting moment before I woke up.
I’m not sad this morning. If anything, I am reminded and encouraged that there is life after death. Mom, I love you dearly and I miss you everyday, but I also know that you are happy in the arms of your Savior. Thank you for leaving the light on. I can’t wait to see you again!

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4 thoughts on “Life After Death

    1. You’re welcome, Kristeen. Can’t wait to hear the music. Your posts are endearing and when I read about your struggles as a step-mom, I pray that God will heal the wounds of the children and give you wisdom to be the “mom” they need you to be, especially the littlest one. God bless you, dear sister.

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      1. Amen! I pray for the strength and courage. It is a double-edged privilege to be a stepmom but I know that I am in their lives for a reason. Thank you so much for your prayers. I welcome them and I know that my family does too. Is there anything I can pray on for you and your family?


  1. Thank you for asking. We have a situation with our daughter that really needs the Lord’s intervention. We believe she is saved, but not heeding God’s word. Many others could be affected by her decisions. She is an adult.


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