Featurette: Superstition Mountains in Phoenix, Arizona

I love Arizona and these photos really show off the clarity of the mountains and desert areas during nice weather, and the sand wall that blows through once or twice a year.

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One of the most iconic mountains in Arizona, and in the Southwestern United States, The Superstition Mountains have a long history of strange occurrences, myths, tales, and riches that add to the already-rich history of Phoenix, Arizona and the desert surrounding it.

The Superstition Mountains are a range of mountains just to the east of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, and is characterized by the main namesake mountain featuring sheer rock cliffs and spires of red rocks jutting upward along the front face. A popular recreational area for Phoenix area residents and visitors to the Valley of the Sun, the Superstitions offer a source for hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, camping and even entertainment at the nearby Goldfield Ghost Town.


The Legend of the Lost Dutchman

Probably the most famous story tied to the Superstition Mountains is the Legend of the Lost Dutchman. In the late 1800s, a German immigrant named…

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