Preaching to a Five-Year-Old

Using music to calm a child’s anxiety, just as David with King Saul. The right music inspires love, trust, and peace. The right music is inspired by God’s Holy Spirit.

Kristeen Nicole Gillooly


It started innocently enough. She was pretty upset, crying even. Tears flowed from her heart for her momma. It’s one of the saddest times in my life and it happens all too many times. I do my best to help soothe her, and for me, that usually involves singing.

I sing familiar songs to help calm her down. First, her favorite “Jesus Loves Me.” I sing it only one time but very softly, not like I normally do. Next up is “Silent Night.” Not sure why this been a stand-by for me at bedtime but I love the long notes and gentle pace. At this point, I think she is singing with me. She’s not smiling yet but she’s holding my hand, thankful not to be alone.

Finally, I tell her that I’m going to sing a new song for her. I tell her it’s my favorite Christmas song, and…

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