I’ll Survive-

Writing: it stirs within us, begs for attention, for release, then when we sit down, it plays hide-and-seek. Ah, the bittersweet tang of the words that get stuck like caramel to the palate, taking much coaxing to release. But a writer can’t just give up writing. Sooner or later the words get unstuck and they must be released from their prison. I love this poem

Randoms by a Random


Tell me to fight wars,
And live in exile;
Tell me to live numb
From love and desires;
Tell me to give up
The light in my eyes;
But spare me my writing,
Which keeps me alive.

Tell me to wander,
For eternity wise;
Tell me to live wretched,
Like the bedouins;
Take my possessions
My money, my lands;
But spare me my writing
With it I’ll survive

Keep all your trinkets,
And worldly acquires;
Save all your princes,
For maidens alike;
Kneel not before me,
I’ve made up my mind;
To stick to my writing,
With it I’ll survive.

Image Credit: A shade of pen

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