Satan’s Bid For Your Child–Adult Only Content

Kay’s note: Satan has been sacrificing children for centuries. When God was telling the Israelites to kill all of the people in the nations around them, a large part of the reason was that the gods they worshipped demanded the sacrifice of the first-born child. Parents would throw their newborns into the sacrificial fires of their gods while danced around naked in wild abandon, attempting to appease gods who really didn’t exist anyway. The one true God has never demanded such a sacrifice (Abraham’s directive to sacrifice his son, Isaac was a test of Abraham’s faith. God provided a substitute.) Now we sacrifice our children to the abortion god, the sex-ed god, the kids’ movies that are actually nothing more than NAMBLA’s means to corrupt our children, etc.

Coming into our schools are books, slides, and filmstrips (now DVD’s) on “How Babies Are Made.” These are for little children. “How Babies Are Made” shows chickens and dogs “in the act.” It shows Mom and Dad in bed! It is climaxed with a few pictures of a nude mother giving birth to a baby who was conceived several pages earlier. That is being taught in our schools to little children!

A coloring book of animals “in the act” is also available for the little ones, as is a teacher’s guide, which explains how babies are made. The purpose is to create an atmosphere of honesty and freedom of discussion concerning matters of reproduction, promote understanding, and correct usage of the names of body parts!

The organization that is leading the fight to place sex education in our schools is called SIECUS. The editor of SEXOLOGY magazine is on the Cooperating Board of SIECUS. Mary Calderone, who heads SIECUS, is a cooperating member of the Board of SEXOLOGY magazine. I sent someone to buy a copy of it. It contains all kinds of questionable articles. One is, “Can a Woman and Beast Enjoy Each Other?” Listen to this: “SEXOLOGY magazine fills an urgent need in its awareness of people. Because of this qualification it is being slightly revised with a different cover and title for use in the high school,” from SEXOLOGY magazine.

SIECUS helped to promote and organize seminars and special training courses for teachers in sex education. During 1967, at least 16 summer institutes for teachers were held across the country. In 1968 it more than doubled. The ultimate purpose is “to meet youngsters with frankness and honesty.” They begin with dramatic visual aids, such as “the Little Brother Doll,” prices at $17.00, and a lovely set of slides called “How Babies Are Made.” This set of colored slides largely designed by Dr. Mary S. Calderone, Executive Director of SIECUS, presents an animalistic viewpoint of sex, which is shocking and completely inappropriate for children three to eight years of age. These slides are for ages three to eight! They are cleverly and realistically executed in paper sculpture. They depict animals and human being in “the act.” (I’m using words that are not as blunt as the ones suggested by SIECUS.) While the children watch the slides, the teacher reads the narrative, which describes the action in adult, medically accurate terms.

These promoters of NEWSEX programs quote such obnoxious phrases as, “Children must discover their sexuality no later than kindergarten,” and “we must give them the whole story as quickly as possible.”

At the age of ten at the latest both boys and girls should have mastered the factual aspects of reproduction, they suggest. In many cities and schools traveling sexologists carry their wares in large canvas bags from school to school. They display their materials to sex-liberated students. Homosexuality, self-gratification, abortion, pre-marital relationship, and films such as “The Game” which depicts “a boy’s feelings after ________with a pure girl,” are but a sampling of that to which young students are exposed. “The Game” purports to warn 13 and 14-year-old girls of the game of love and its many traps. They are also taught about sex deviation, illegitimacy, and venereal diseases.

If your child were in Palo Alto, California, he may very well have the opportunity of bathing a little boy. If she were in kindergarten in Evanston, Illinois, she would be exposed to the full details of the human birth process. Perhaps she would listen to the heartbeat of a baby inside a visiting expectant mother. In the Chicago area (a few blocks away) for example, parents of only 16 out of 3,200 students refused to consent to this, and those sixteen were called by SATURDAY EVENING POST “fundamentalists from the Appalachian hills.” Brother, I’d be proud to bear that brand.

The ten-year-old students are given a detailed description of the human sexual relationship. This is followed with the step-by-step filmed growth of a baby inside the mother, the woman in labor, and the baby’s birth. Would all of the children ten years old stand up, please? That’s it! That’s the age child to whom they want to teach this “stuff”! Thank you, kids, you may be seated.

You ask, “Brother Hyles, how about our kids?” I’m glad you asked. Here’s the question we asked this morning. “Have you ever been taught in school that pre-marital sex is right?” In the high school departments of our Sunday school this morning, 48% said, “Yes!” Now you know that kids idolize their teachers. Think of it! Nearly half of our teens have been taught in the classroom that pre-marital sex is all right! Now do you wonder why some are turning out bad?

This afternoon as I read the results of our survey I wept as I learned what our kids had experienced. I thought, if this is true about our kids, I wonder in what kind of shape most teenagers are. I warn ours constantly. If they are in this condition, how about the others? I’ll tell you about the others! Millions have swallowed this philosophy of loose sex, loose love, and free love. Our country is gone unless we have a moral revolution!

Kay’s Note: For more information on the moral decline of our society and the corruption of our children see the following links:…/sex-before-eight-before-its-too-late

What else is the devil shooting at your child?

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