Mother’s memories

Here is a fabulous idea for mothers everywhere that have daughters and/or granddaughters. (If the daughter is out of fellowship with the parents or has passed on, but the grandmother is still alive, this can be a good tradition to begin with them.)

But I Smile Anyway...


I’m home, with mum and dad, and the first thing mum did, after lunch, was to get her old sarees out, from her wedding… Beautiful silks, chiffons, embroidery and prints.


“I’m not being morbid,” she says, “but let’s go through things, so I know what you like, and , you know, when the time comes, there’ll be a package of stuff for you, that means something!”
Sarees from her wedding, with stories behind many of them too…


See that green embroidered one? She was taken to the shops by her in laws to choose something. She fell in love with that one. It cost 600 /= Kenyan shillings… About £6 in money now.
She was told it was too expensive, but, rumour has it, Pops was there and overheard the exchange…
Miraculously the Saree appeared in her gifts after the wedding.
She is convinced he went back and got it…

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