Jesus Paid it All and You Really Don’t Want to Pay Your Own Way

The character of God and His law made simple so all can understand. This is just the beginning of Wally’s posts on this subject.

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

Seen On a Church Sign

Jesus Paid it All

This is a series I have run several times on my own Blog. It was one of the earlier things I wrote, but the message is an important one I think.

Jesus paid it all. That is a very simple statement, with very profound implications.  Today begins a multi part series on Jesus’ payment. A good starting point is for us to discuss exactly what Jesus paid for. We will end with a discussion of why we really don’t want to make that payment ourselves.

What did Jesus pay for? Well he paid the necessary payment for our sins, of course. That seems fairly simple, yet the vast majority of the world fails to truly understand exactly what that means. The non believing world, as well as a large part of the “Christian” world totally fails to really understand what the…

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