FREEBIE: Stainless Steel by Robert Eggleton

Rachel Tsoumbakos

Stainless Steel by Robert Eggleton

I have a very special gift for everyone reading this blog – a free short story! It has been penned by Robert Eggleton and you can find out more about the author after the story. You can also check out the “5 Minutes With…” interview with him on Wednesday, August 12 😉

The story starts in a children’s mental health facility and progresses to the premeditated attempted murder of an abusive father with the assistance of an android. I hope you enjoy it!

STAINLESS STEEL by ROBERT EGGLETON (Length: Approx. 5,300 words)

Shelly and Faith had become the best of friends. They were roommates at a children’s mental health institution on Earth, the planet with the highest sentient incarceration rate in the universe. Twenty-six girls shared the same dormitory at the facility, but Shelly was the only one that Faith had trusted with her secret.  Faith hadn’t even told her therapist.


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