Satan’s Bid For Your Child Part 4-Narcotics

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I was on the airplane the other day and beside me there was a little paper named Midnight, dated May 24, 1971. An astounding result of a study by Lionel Baker, an Illinois attorney was given. For the juvenile court system of Illinois he gave questionnaires to 7,000 youthful drug offenders during the past year. The young people were asked who first introduced them to drugs. Now listen! Four out of ten said, “teacher.” Think of it! Forty percent of 7,000 kids on dope said that a school teacher first introduced them to drugs!

Mr. Baker then interviewed over 100 students from various high schools which had been charged with drug abuse and found that 37 had first been “turned on” by their teachers. This verified his original findings. In the article he said, “One girl told me that she knew some of her friends used drugs, but she refused. Then she attended a party where several young teachers, recent college graduates, were chaperoning, and the teachers passed out several marijuana cigarettes. When she saw her teacher smoking she thought, “Why not? Now she is a regular user,” said Baker.

Several students said they had often smelled marijuana smoke in the student rest rooms, but one day after school, they walked into the teachers’ lounge and smelled marijuana. They said, “If it’s all right for the teachers, I guess it must be all right for us.”

Altogether, 10,000 teachers from 28 states were surveyed and it was found that over 50 percent of them had used drugs and that 24 percent used them regularly. Perhaps this is because these young teachers got used to sneaking drug trips when they were college students, and now that they are working and have apartments, they can used drugs openly at their dinner get-together parties. Drugs are a part of their lives.

The article went on to say that when students get together with their teachers for after-school work, at school dances, etc., they see many of their teachers indulging in their favorite pastime, which is taking dope. Students who would never have dreamed of touching marijuana or other narcotics even if they knew some students used it then picked it up easily. Many times they do it to prove to the teacher that they are hip. Students were interviewed who were scared to death of LSD but who used it because their teachers told them all about their trips. Of course, in every case students were interviewed who had been caught using drugs while their teachers went free since no one ever suspected them of being the real culprits.

Lionel Baker point out that as the average age of teachers drops, the rate of drug use among them climbs. Many young people who were part of the drug generation of the mid and late 60’s are now teachers, so it is logical that much information about drug use will be passed down to the next generation by today’s young teachers. Here is the sad thing: An educator said, “We can’t fire the teachers who use drugs, because we’d have only half of our teachers left. And we can’t tell the kids to stay home. I guess we’ll just have to lie with it.”

“Well!” you say, “Preacher, I’m glad our students don’t do it.” Oh, do you want some statistics about that? All right. This morning this question was asked of our First Baptist high schoolers: “Have you ever been approached in school by someone who wanted to sell you marijuana or any other narcotic?” Over 20 percent of our children said somebody had approached them at school trying to sell or give them narcotics.

The next question will shock you! “Have any of your school friends used narcotics?” Over 50 percent of our high school children this morning said they run with somebody who uses narcotics. If you take away the Hammond Baptist High School kids out of this, do you think any of our teenagers that go to the public schools have a crowd compete free of narcotics?

“Have you ever used drugs?” was also on the questionnaire. “Yes” is the answer given by 27 percent of the children in our Sunday school this morning. Imagine, 27 out of 250, over 10 percent of our boys and girls have used drugs.

Everybody, listen to me! Some of you parents are a little peeved at me right now, and I know your child has smoked marijuana! Don’t come to me and ask me, for I won’t tell you. If you haven’t enough faith in me to believe me and put some trust and confidence in somebody who sees what’s going on and is trying to help your kids, don’t you come and ask me! I’m not going to tattle on your kids. I’m trying to help them, and that’s more than you’re trying to do. Listen, since I’ve been Pastor of this church, practically every parent who has defended his child and said, “I trust my child! My child wouldn’t lie!” has a child who has lied. I know! That kind of parent rears a child that plays around. You say, “Well, I trust my child!” You should know where your child is every moment of every day. You’d better see to it that your child is in the right crowd all the time. There’s not a child in this building, I don’t care who it is – my boy, my girls, every kid in this building – that couldn’t be lured if he were in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong crowd!

I’m not through with that subject. Now hang onto your seats! We also asked, “Have you ever sold any drugs?” We had 10 pushers in our high school department this morning! In most cases they come from the homes of people that would not defend what I’m saying right now. I could call the names of five of them who are in this building right now! They have been caught pushing marijuana. I know who they are.

“Do you know of any teacher who uses drugs?” was also asked this morning. Twenty percent said yes. They know teachers who are on drugs.

The devil wants to get your child. He is using revolution, dirty books, and narcotics, but there’s more:

Part 5 will be posted Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2015.

Pro_14:34 Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. Tell me, people, are our children safer since we’ve relaxed all of ouf morals? Are they happier? Are we better off now that we have more single-parent families due to all of the unmarried parents that have been abandoned by their sperm donors? Has violence decreased? 

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