House Arrest- A poem & extract from my novel, “The Defeatist” (FREE today)

A great novel for people living with domestic abuse and co-dependence.

Sophie Bowns

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House Arrest :

The ticking clock is deafening in the silence of the room

I lie along the sofa, overwhelmed by my sense of doom

I don’t know what’s happening; my legs don’t feel like my own

I am now a stranger in the place I once called my home

I’m afraid of what might be said, or what Joe’s mood will be

And when he arrives home from work, he won’t have time for me

I’ve forgotten how to sleep; he hates my restlessness at night

I’m tempted to doze in the guest room, I can’t bear another fight

I’m the one to blame, the reason our relationship is disintegrating

I still love Joe, I wouldn’t…

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4 thoughts on “House Arrest- A poem & extract from my novel, “The Defeatist” (FREE today)

    1. You are very welcome. An issue that needs a lot of attention. Just heard in the news yesterday (or day before) that no law in any of the 50 states against a husband raping his wife. REALLY??? Did you know that the first conviction of wife abuse was actually won on the grounds of animal cruelty? (Back in the 50’s and before, wives were considered no higher than animals; they were property. You can find statistics on this website:
      Keep writing and encouraging, helping women. I’m not in favor of the feminist movement because I think they’ve carried things too far; however, I can appreciate the basis for which it got started.

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  1. Forgot to answer your other questions. Yes, I am on FB and Twitter. I have two FB pages but the one that says Aleta Dye is my author site, although my friends and family post there too. FB messed up (or maybe it was my fault; maybe I didn’t know how to add an author page to my family/friend page), anyway, people use both. The Aleta Dye page is supposed to be the author page, also promoting other writers, authors, poets, and artists, within limits.


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