Satan’s Bid For Your Child Part 3


Many of you do not know what your kids are reading. You have not checked. You have no idea, so I will have to tell you. I’m going to open a few of the books. I will not say the bad words. I’ll just spell them. Kay’s note: I won’t spell them; I’ll just allude to the fact there is cursing in the noted passaged.

NEW WORLDS AHEAD is used in the seventh grade. Included is a story, “The stray Kitten” by Richard Wright. Page 54, “Kill that D- thing.” Page 55, “I had my first triumph over my father. I had made him believe that I had taken his words literally. He could not punish me now without risking his authority. I was happy because I had at last found a way to throw my criticism of him into his face.” Another story in the book is called, “The Blue Serge Suit.” Page 414, “D- asthma.” Page 416, the D word is used twice. That’s seventh grade reading!

VOICES IN LITERATURE(I) is used in grade nine. “Shoe Shine” by Jerome Weidman, page 21: God’s name is taken in vain. “The Long Night” by Lowell Blanton, page 84: the D word is used. “The Invisible Aborigine” by Eugene Burdick, page 205: the D word is used Page 209, the D- word is used. On page 235 parental authority is questioned. “The Sissy from Anaconda,” page 352:  the same expletive is used, then hell as a curse word.

Ladies and gentlemen, not only is this bad language and bad English, it is not culture! It is neither refined nor scholarly! We are a little above this kind of crudeness. Not only does it prick our religious and spiritual convictions, it pricks our culture!

We are just getting started. Because you won’t check on your children’s required reading, I have to read it for you. THEMES IN LITERATURE is used in the tenth grade. “The Colt” by Wallace Stegner, page 127: uses God’s name as a curse twice.

Before you start criticizing me, and before you say that our kids are not having to read stuff like this, remember, I have the poll from this morning. Before some of you school teachers say, “Well, I teach school and that’s not going on,” don’t forget, you go to just one school. I have the poll! I’m going to give you the goods in a minute, so don’t shut your ears. I’m trying to help you and your kids.

Also in “The Colt,” page 128: the D word is used again. In “Mateo Falcone” by Merimee, the father kills his own son. WESTERN LITERATURE: THEMES AND WRITERS, “The Out Station” by W. Somerset Maugham, page 83: someone is told to go to the place where the devil will spend eternity, the D word is used three times, and God’s name is taken in vain once. There are fifteen counts of profanity and murder in this one story on page 83.

In “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” by Evan Hunger, pages 105-111, a gang member is stabbed and the whole story describes how he lays on the sidewalk and bleeds to death. OF MICE AND MEN by John Steinbeck has been required reading in numbers of schools in this area. Page 24: Hell is used as a curse word, and God’s name is used a curse word. (My Bible says that you are not to take the name of Lord God in vain). Not one time are my children going to sit in school and hear anybody curse my God anymore! You don’t have to let yours to that either. Page 48: God’s name is again used as a curse word. Page 56: Someone is called the son of a prostitute. (The actual word is used. I won’t even spell the word or make lines for it. Adults know what that word is, and kids don’t need to know.) On page 83 a brothel is mentioned in its more commonly known name; Jesus’s name is used as a curse word; and on page 94, God’s name is taken in vain again and someone is called a son of a female dog in heat.

SOUL ON ICE by Eldridge Cleaver, page 159 uses the N word for black people and sons of female dogs in heat.

You can sit there in anger if you want to, but I’m trying to help your kids! I’m doing it at the risk of your becoming angry. Yet, if I lose half the deacon board and two-thirds of the members, there’s one thing I’m going to do: I will try to save your kids for Jesus’ sake. I’m not mad at anybody but the devil, but I’m weary of this crowd of left-wingers, sex perverts, and Sweden-oriented teachers who are taking over our schools and ruining our kids. If you are not one of those, I am not talking about you, but there are thousands of them. It’s getting worse all the time. This kind of garbage is what they are requiring our kids to read. I haven’t even started yet really. I wish I had time to read you much more. Let’s go further.

SOUL ON ICE, page 160: “I will not be free until the day I can have a white woman in my bed and a white man minds his own business.” I can’t even read all of this.

THE GAPES OF WRATH by John Steinbeck, published by Viking Press, Page 27 has two curse words in close proximity. You’re not checking, are you? Listen to me! You ought to say, “My child is not going to be subject to this anymore!” Kay’s note: we have become so inured to this kind of language in the books we read as adults, in the stuff we watch on television and in movies, that we ignore it in our kids’ movies. I remember watching the movie “The Bad News Bears” when it first came out, starring Jodie Foster and Tatum O’Neil when they were kids. There were little kids cursing in that movie. I was appalled. I think it’s time for parents who care about their kids to contact Disney and Hollywood and demand that they stop putting trash in movies that are supposed be for children! Family movies ought not to have that trash in them either.

You say, “Brother Hyles, that’s not taking place here.” Oh? Well, maybe I have the goods on you. This morning 230 of our high schoolers were asked this question: Have you been asked to read such books as OF MICE AND ME, SOUL ON ICE, THE GRAPES OF WRATH, CATCHER IN THE RYE, or any other book that includes cursing? “Yes” was the answer given by 35% of our young people. You didn’t know that, did you? Here is the sad thing: seventy-eight said they’d been asked to read such literature, and 51 of them did so. This means two out of three of our best kids didn’t have the courage enough to say no. Do you know why they didn’t? In many cases, they have moms and dads at home who wouldn’t back them up. There are teenagers in this room tonight who come to me weeping because they want to do what is right but their parents want them to be “accepted” in the public high school or junior high school.

Another note from Kay: I know our kids will hear bad language anyway, but if we allow it in our homes they will think we approve of it. If we approve of it, they will not be bothered by it and may use the same language themselves. What is okay in the world should not neccessarily be okay in our homes.

Also, any time we say “God” and we’re not talking to Him or about Him, we’re using His name in vain (without a purpose, or to no avail), so OMG, for a Christian should end with the G being “goodness,” or “gracious,” not God.

What else is the devil teaching your child?

Next segment to be posted Wednesday, July 29, 2015.

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