I Reblogged a movie review because it was about the “Anti-Christ”

I had to reblog this since it kind of hits me where I live. I don’t hate. . .well, except for terrorists, rapists, pedophiles. . .oops. Wait a minute. Jesus died for them too, and offers forgiveness to them the same as He did me. I’ve heard people who are being presented with the gospel say something like, “Well if God is willing to forgive such and such a person, then I don’t want to go to heaven. I don’t want to be in heaven with that kind of person.” Really? Because guess what? If you don’t get saved, you’ll be in hell with all of those same people who don’t get saved. The differences are: 1) If that person gets saved, they won’t be like that in heaven. They will be changed. God may even help them change down here. 2) No one in hell is going to have any idea what’s going on around them. They’ll be in too much agony to care–for all of eternity.

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One evening a few nights ago I had a dream. The controversial future or current existence of a ruler of Humanity that is the opposite of our Lord Jesus Christ. As many things on Earth I cannot truly “Wrap my arms” around the concept. I think this caused me to nod off during my contemplation of this mystery (at least to me).

A stranger appeared in this dream and asked me if I was “The Anti-Christ”, but he looked past me or through me. Behind me I heard “I am”.

The stranger asked again and the voice behind me answered again. This happened two more times and the answer was loud and clear, how could he not hear it?

Out of frustration I answered the stranger, “He said that he is the Anti-Christ, Can’t you hear?”

The voice behind me boomed “My domain is expanding to all of Humanity”


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