Christians Arise

Let me begin with a struggle of my own, but which I feel is common among believers.

Ants. My “house” (travel trailer and only home) has tiny black ants. Can’t tell if they are sugar ants, or the ones that come in looking for salt, or the ones that look for water. I am not overwhelmed with them; there are small clusters here and there, an occasional ant in my chair, a few on my computer, some around the commode, a few in the closet, etc. We have sprayed. We have taken everything out of cabinets, sprayed, washed every dish and surface. Guess what: they’re still here.

I have pleaded with the Lord to take them away. I feel like I’m under a plague because they won’t go away. I even got bit while in my bed a couple of nights ago. This morning I wept before the Lord, asking Him to please show me what needs fixing in my life so He will take them away. I read my Bible, walked my granddaughter’s dog, prayed, read my Bible some more, prayed some more.

At last the answer[s] came: 1) I forgot to be thankful in all things. 2) I forgot to REJOICE in all things. 3) I forgot that every trial is for the perfecting of my faith. 4) I forgot that ALL things work together for good, for those who love God and are the called according to His purpose. Bottom line: I needed a new perspective and an attitude adjustment.

You see, as Christians we are bound to be heading for some major spiritual battles in this country as the world begins to see Christians as the cause of all of its problems. Galatians 4:21-29. We have (as a whole) become complacent because we have had it easy here. There are many of us that truly walk with the Lord without compromise. However, there are many others who do compromise with the world because we don’t want to make waves, hurt anyone’s feelings, or be criticized.

Jesus offended people in His day, and people are still offended at Him today. We need to speak the truth in love, but still speak it. We need to “not be afraid of their faces.” Jer. 1:8.

God’s message to me: Rejoice in these trials that you may be strengthened for worse trials to come. Be strong in me. Rejoice in my plan for you. If you can be patient through this trial, you will come forth as gold. Rejoice that I have enough love for you to teach you these lessons and make you stronger. Rejoice in Me, for I have overcome the world, and given you eternal life. Worship and praise Me. Be willing to become more like me. 

5 thoughts on “Christians Arise

  1. sprays don’t really work too well and ants are not dirty so cleanliness doesn’t deter them. What you need are baits. They provide food for the ants that they take back to the nest and it kills the queen. Of course there will be more than one nest and queen. You’ll want to place the baits close to your house at first, and then later on a little further away.

    It works for me. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Kev. I know that works for the sugar ants. I actually opened one, but it’s really hot here in AL, and the A/C in the camper doesn’t keep it cool enough for the bait to stay gelled. When I opened it and set it out, the gel all leaked out on the counter top. The ants aren’t interested in the goo, but they love my garbage, which I usually try to get full before throwing out. (I use the plastic grocery bags as my garbage bags.) We’re trying to find the trail from outside leading into the camper. So far, we see where they seem to be coming from inside, but no trail to outside. Time will tell, or they will all die this winter in southern Arizona. It will be too cold and dry for them, just right for us.

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      1. Geez, I don’t know what else you can do then… wait for Winter, I suppose. 😀 Hope you find a solution.


      2. Hubby went out and bought the heavy duty bug killer spray with the big jug, hose and spray nozzle. A little at a time, we will win this war. “I’m gonna walk right out of this valley, lift my hands and praise the Lord, ain’t gonna let ol’ Satan get me down, down, down. Why should I sit here ’til I die? heaven’s a-waitin’ just a little bit higher; I’m gonna walk right out of this valley with my Lord.” Pity party over. Lol.

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