A Little Girl Named Alex and Cancer

This is such an incredible story that I have to share it here. If I wasn’t a horse racing enthusiast I would never have heard this story, but as I watched the Preakness Stakes today this story was shared in part. After the race I had to go online and do some more research.

Alexandra “Alex” Scott had cancer when she was just a year old. She beat it the first time but it came back when she was around four years old. She told her parents she wanted to start selling lemonade at the Preakness, the second leg of the Triple Crown races held every year. The Preakness is held near Baltimore, Maryland. The foundation was begun by her parents in 2000.

According to the commentators at the race, her original goal was to raise one million dollars for childhood cancer research. The goal was reached shortly before her birthday eight years later. She died ten days after the goal was reached. As of today, the foundation has raised more than One Hundred Million dollars.

Here is a link to donate: