Tribute to My Mother-in-Law

I was damaged and insecure;

I drew first blood, drawing to me the pain

That was sure to come.

A chip on each shoulder were my badges

She knocked them off, and loved me back.

What was this? I wondered.

How could she love me, a worthless lump?

Stubborn love I’d never known,

Christ in action through the love she’d shown,

A tenacious lady, full of grit and grace

Lovingly, firmly, put me in my place.

Sowing seeds of God’s mercy in my soul,

Through acts of kindness and tough love

She was a tool in God’s hands to mold me anew.

She’ll soon pass through those pearly gates,

Alive, and whole–a welcome home party awaits.

She will be greatly missed, but because of her,

I’ll her again some day.

What a glad reunion that will be.