Sexual Purity: 10 Words of Counsel For Single Christians

I will be adding to this on my blog. This is so important. Sexual impurity is dangerous.

Gospel Relevance

John Piper gives ten words of counsel in this fourteen minute video on sexual purity for single Christians.

Feel free to watch the video, or you can just read the ten counsels below, to go along with all of the the follow-up points that Piper makes.


1) Do not seek regular sexual gratification through masturbation. 

  • Don’t use it because it does not solve the problem in the long run.
  • It does not relieve and release the pressure for very long.
  • It becomes habitual.
  • It produces guilt.
  • It contradicts the God given design for sexuality.
  • Our bodies are designed for fulfillment through personal union and self-stimulation contradicts that purpose, and produces a sense of wrongness.
  • Last of all, masturbation is inevitably accompanied by sexual fantasies which we would otherwise not allow ourselves in reality.

2) Do not seek sexual satisfaction through touching or being touch by another person. 

  • This rule applies…

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