The Beard, The Ballerina, and the Bodies

This piece of writing is in response to the prompt from A Writer’s Path. This is my first attempt at out-of-the-box thinking.

I didn’t know that was a lipstick. It was a longish wand with a dark plastic cover on the tip. There were no markings on it. I thought it was a stylus. I tried to use it to turn on the remote control on the video screen. I needed to watch the ballerina act to see what we needed to do to improve the scene.

Needless to say, the lipstick didn’t work. When I used it to press the button on the remote, it broke. I threw both the lipstick and the remote across the room. Then my crazy co-worker walked in with a Abe Lincoln costume beard, picked up the remote and pressed the “on” button with his finger. I felt so stupid.

I wish that had been the end of my day, but that was just the morning. When I left for my lunch break I took the elevator down two floors to ground level and walked out the alley door. It’s closer to the hot dog stand I like. I was in a hurry and rounded the corner too quickly. I stumbled over a dumpster.

As I picked myself up, brushing the dirt off my pants, I almost hit my head on the sharp metal corner. I stepped back and looked at it. It wasn’t as tall as a garbage dumpster, and it was bright yellow, not black or green like most garbage dumpsters. I lifted the lid and peered inside.

No! It couldn’t be. Why would anyone put this outside? It was filled with mannequin arms, legs, torsos, wigs, and clothing. I forgot about lunch and went back inside the building to see if there was a business listed that would use these items.  Who knew? Maybe I could find a new job.

© April 10, 2015 by Aleta Kay. All rights reserved.