#BeWowWednesday–My First Contribution

It really is a WOW! Wednesday. Actually, there are two wows (more than that but these two stand out). The first WOW was Sunday when the Petrick family was visiting our church. Mr. Petrick is an evangelist who helps small churches (like ours). He has been to our church before and I love to hear him preach. He has a great sense of humor and has the gift of storytelling to make the message come alive. Also, his sons have wonderful voices and they sing harmony.

Today’s WOW belongs to Holly Lisle. If I could afford to take her course on How To Think Sideways, I’d do it in a heartbeat. She has many free short courses and she deserves to have people enroll in the longer courses, like this one. She puts a LOT of time and effort into everything she does. She must be a super pro at time management because she writes, designs and builds her website, helps other writers, creates courses to help writers, manages a blog and her site, and is constantly updating and upgrading her site. She is amazing. I have already taken a couple of her classes and have several of her course books on writing.

This particular course teaches writers how to get the left and right brains to work together instead of fighting each other. (Boy, do I ever need that one!) I have a perfectionist brain when it comes to myself, and it keeps me from finishing what I start because I want to fix the flaws right away. Alas, I will have to study her books for now and download the worksheets. Still, that’s better than nothing. And her website is a place for writers to interact with each other (if they can find the time).

So if you are a struggling writer, or want to improve your craft, check out Holly Lisle’s How To Think Sideways website. May also be listed as Writer’s Bootcamp.