Traditional Chinese Medicine Part 3

The Black Bear

Black bears in cages in a Chinese bear farm–World Society for the Protection of Animals. – See more at:

Bear bile is used in TCM to treat a wide variety of illnesses and injuries, including liver ailments and headaches. Although substitutes for bear bile exist, there is still a huge demand for the real thing. Because of the significant reduction in the population of wild Asiatic black bears that has resulted, bear farming was introduced in China in 1984. On these farms bears are confined to small cages where their bile is extracted through catheters, a painful and sometimes deadly ordeal. According to CNN, more than 7,000 bears are kept on 200 farms in China. Adam M. Roberts, in his Advocacy for Animals article “Bears on the Brink,” reports that bear farming has had no effect on the poaching of wild bears. He calls on the United States, specifically, to pass national legislation to protect bears in this country and to inhibit international trading in bear parts.

I am asking everyone who uses these medicines and beauty products to please discontinue their use. Please help protect our wildlife. Find alternative natural products whose ingredients are derived from plants. Pinterest and many other sites have information on how to make your own products. It may be a little more costly (?), but it will be healthier and you will be doing something good.

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  1. That is so sad. I’ve heard about horses used in our country for the manufacture of birth control medicines too. Pregnant mares are catheterized for the collection of urine. Many people believe this is animal cruelty.
    I also heard that China exports collagen for beauty treatments that they derived from killing prison inmates. You can copy and paste this in your browser, if you would like to read more about it:


  2. Thanks, Dawn. It is true that prescription hormones for menopause include (or at least used to, not sure about today) horse urine. Really? I simply don’t believe God intended humans to ingest any body fluids, bones, teeth, or horns from animals. He gave them to us for meat, clothing, and pets, and to teach us compassion and caring. That’s why I’m doing this research. I will check out the link you provided, and may include it on both my blog and my author site, maybe FB too.


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