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What a delightful story from a new author. Check out her blog:
ifyouwerehere.com. She has wonderful pictures and quips about her dog, Rufus.

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CH 01My name is Cheryl Hornung, and “PEACE, HIPPO! and Other ENDANGERED ANIMALS Too” is my first children’s book. I felt that I needed to do something useful after watching a moving TV documentary on endangered animals. Since I already had a children’s website, I decided that a story would be a good way to begin.

When the website page was finished, I realized that I probably had enough material to turn it into a children’s book, but how? It has been–– and continues to be––a learning experience. Discussion groups on LinkedIn have been a help, but there are times when I tune them out because I have no idea what they are discussing! My message to myself at such times is, “Calm down, you’ll learn it as needed!”

Early last year, I sent a few manuscripts to a handful of agents and was quickly rejected due to an overwhelming abundance…

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