#Read about Guest #Author Cheryl Hornung

What a delightful story from a new author. Check out her blog:
ifyouwerehere.com. She has wonderful pictures and quips about her dog, Rufus.

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CH 01My name is Cheryl Hornung, and “PEACE, HIPPO! and Other ENDANGERED ANIMALS Too” is my first children’s book. I felt that I needed to do something useful after watching a moving TV documentary on endangered animals. Since I already had a children’s website, I decided that a story would be a good way to begin.

When the website page was finished, I realized that I probably had enough material to turn it into a children’s book, but how? It has been–– and continues to be––a learning experience. Discussion groups on LinkedIn have been a help, but there are times when I tune them out because I have no idea what they are discussing! My message to myself at such times is, “Calm down, you’ll learn it as needed!”

Early last year, I sent a few manuscripts to a handful of agents and was quickly rejected due to an overwhelming abundance…

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When I Was A Spy

I just discovered raisingthemug.wordpress.com. What a joy to read this. Ah, those carefree, childhood days. Some of them were nice while they lasted, but i wouldn’t want to go back. Enjoy his post.

Raising The Mug

Calvin spy artwork courtesy of Bill Watterson

The year: 1968
The place: Mattie Lively Elementary School
The occasion: surviving second grade
The assignment: investigating a girl
The danger level: mildly hazardous

It was early spring; birds were singing – bees were humming. There was a certain dame in my class who had caught my attention; her eyes were a mysterious hazy blue ……. a young lady whose name shall remain anonymous. Boy ………… what a dame. There were others ……… but not like this one ……….. this one, she had class.

Most days at recess, I didn’t play games like the other rats in my school …….. there were more pressing issues …… there was investigative work to be done ……. sleuthing into the whys and whereabouts of my secret interest …..

One recess, I was in the middle of a stake out, laying low behind a wooden walking beam so as not to draw attention. The subject was playing on the monkey bars …….. she was…

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