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I know. My last post said I wouldn’t be posting again until Monday and this is only Saturday. My mother-in-law is doing well and doesn’t need me today. But I’ve gotten so far behind in my writing course with Dream, Play, Write that I have to work on this before I get back into my research.

Here’s the situation. My main character is a 15-year-old girl with two half-brothers. Her mother has recently died and she hasn’t seen her father since she was two. Her mother’s boyfriend is in jail for assault and battery. She and her brothers are currently living with a nice widow lady who has guardianship. Meanwhile the authorities are trying to locate her biological father and any other relatives. The 15-year-old is Kayla.

Kayla has found a journal that has been kept hidden and has been in the family for generations. She comes across a letter written by what seems to be her great-great-great grandmother to her great-great grandfather, giving details of his parentage. It seems that great-great-great grandmother fled Scotland in order to avoid having to tell her family that the child she was carrying was the product of her father raping her.

My question: Kayla is getting ready to meet her biological father. He of course, has no idea that this letter exists. Even if he and his family are willing to take Kayla in, how is she going to feel toward him? Is she going to be terrified of all men? How would she dress for this initial meeting? Would she tell him about the letter or would shame and humiliation keep her silent? How will this initial meeting with her father go down? It will be a supervised meeting because Kayla doesn’t want to be left alone with him after reading that letter.

Her father has been married to his current wife for eleven years and they have three kids together. He has talked to his family about Kayla’s situation.

Tell me what you think. Thanks for all your help.

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  1. Because of her age, 15, Kayla might have the attitude that she will be an adult soon, and could run away if things don’t work out. She would be apprehensive, but also curious, I would think, and with her troubled past with the step-father, might be willing to see what her real dad is like, and give him a chance? Good luck, sounds very interesting! I am reading the book you suggested, in a previous post, “Child of the Mist”. Thanks for suggesting it. Glad your mother-in-law is doing well.

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  2. Thanks, Dawn. I really appreciate the feedback, and your caring thoughtfulness. Do you think Kayla would feel ambivalence toward her younger brothers now? The letter she read said this was a family curse, passed down from generation to generation.


  3. Sins are passed down from one generation to the next, but God has the power to create a new spirit within us, and to renew our minds and hearts; the old is gone, the new has come. God is bigger than a curse. Kayla would need to know that with man, some things are impossible to change, but with God, all things are possible. Her brothers could change with the power of God. Outcomes could be different. We don’t have to be what our parents or grandparents were, or what people think we should be because of our circumstances, otherwise no one would have hope.


  4. Thanks, Dawn. I am introducing Christians into the lives of these kids, but until now they have been unchurched. Maybe her initial reaction would be not to want to see her dad, and then as she begins to see God work, change her mind and decide to get to know him later. What do you think?

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