Bonus Post: The Forgiveness Secret

For those of you who think there are no real Christians in the world, please read this. Don’t spend so much time looking at the evil that SEEMS to prevail. Satan is just showing you what he is doing. God is more subtle, but He’s still on the throne, still loving and forgiving through His TRUE followers.


I was visiting blogs this morning and ran into a most excellent post by paulfg called “God does not forgive. Maybe.” In the post, he tells of a “conversation” of sorts between his two brains, the “Paul Brain” and the “God Brain.” It’s a great way to illustrate the kinds of thoughts that sneak through our minds every so often. His conclusion?

“Because if you pursue the implications of “God does not forgive” … has no need to forgive … it unsettles quite a few other very reassuring foundation stones. Like in a “God just got a zillion times bigger and more incomprehensibly beautiful than the trillion incomprehensible beautiful HUGENESS He already was” kind of unsettling”

Please read this post, if you haven’t already, it’s priceless.

If we really take a step back and look at the totality of God’s love, we will come to a realization that is staggering:…

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Today’s Rant: How We Support Animal Poaching

This is part 1 of a series of articles on this topic. Animal poaching greatly upsets me. Whether it's a rat, an opossum, a rhinocerous, or a beautiful tiger, it upsets me. We need to value all life, and to support poaching by purchasing products made with, or containing, animal parts, is just plain wrong. … Continue reading Today’s Rant: How We Support Animal Poaching