Cheer Me On

I’ve been involved in Timothy Pike’s 12-month author challenge. He has made some changes (for the better for many of us participants), so that there are now different levels. I am at level one, which is a 21-day challenge. We have 21 days to complete chapter one of our novel. Whew! I was falling way behind in my word count so this is a big relief. Here’s the link to his website for anyone else who’d like to join in.

I tend to get stuck a lot, and have trouble with time management. So I’m asking all of my writer friends and blogger friends to encourage me by cheering me on. The badge is at the bottom of my sidebar.  If you click on the badge it will be counted on Tim’s site. The one with the most cheers in a month will get a mention on his blog. It’s all about encouragement. I don’t feel the need to inflate myself, but encouragement keeps me from giving up, helps me to push myself a little harder.


2 thoughts on “Cheer Me On

  1. Thank you so much. Rose Red, I often get way, way, way behind in my emails, but you hang in there and keep coming back. I really appreciate you and your patience with me. God bless.


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