How To Create A “Real” Fantasy World

Great post and trailers for Science Fantasy readers and writers.

Lynette Noni

I love fantasy. I love reading it, I love watching it, and most of all, I love writing it. There’s something so incredibly liberating about letting your mind run wild with infinite possibilities. Because, really, the only thing that limits the creation of fantasy is our own imaginations.

But how, exactly, does someone create a “real” fantasy world? Because by definition, fantasy means something that is impossible or improbable. So how on earth can it be “real”?

*Shrugs* Beats me! But let’s see if we can flesh out some possibilities.

First up, even though it’s fantasy, there still have to be limits. Otherwise the fantasy just becomes chaos. And nobody likes chaos—it’s gritty and difficult to read. You get lost and caught up in the nuances. It’s better to refine the scope of the fantasy than it is to have no rules in place. A good example for this is…

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