The Audacity of Beauty

Bear with me here as I try to express that for which words are woefully inadequate

One of my passions is jigsaw puzzles, puzzles of scenery, waterfalls, unusual architecture, sunrises, sunsets, aurora borealis, animals, trails, parks, paintings, cathedrals: man’s attempt to recreate or capture that which God draws and paints with His fingers on a daily basis. I am so in awe of the Master Creator, that He would deem to share His art, His handiwork with the likes of man, who ignores Him, takes Him for granted, denies Him, shakes its fist at Him, and dares Him to show Himself, as if He hadn’t already in so many tangible and intangible ways. I cry with the psalmist, “Who am I Lord, that you would be mindful of me?” Who am I, precious Jesus, You who hold the worlds in Your two hands, that You would esteem me high enough, worthy enough, to share Your creation with? And this world is decaying, rotting away, and we see it as beautiful. Thank You, dear Lord, for this and so much more. Thank You for the pictures You paint for us every day. Help us to pay more attention to what You are trying to teach us in Your handiwork.