Dream! Play! Write! update

Okay, I’m way behind in this class. The objective is to have a completed novel in 29 more working days. Yikes! I only have 9,918 written so far. Does it matter that I’m working on chapter 12? Does that mean my chapters are too short? Okay. Slow down- – -no, wait, that’s been the problem, letting too many other things get in the way. Ummm, must hurry. But I want it to be right. I want it to be good. I want people to want to read it. Today’s goal: 2500 words. Does anyone want to read what I have in this chapter so far?

So, just a little detour here:

As I walking down the hallway,

I stepped into the boardroom along the way.

I wanted to see what bored people do when enclosed in a room by themselves.