6 Classic Children’s Books to Avoid

This is a tongue-in-cheek look at kid lit, but there may be some validity to the “concerns” raised here. Our children’s minds are fertile ground for any and every spiritual force out there (there are two: God and Satan). Make no mistake; Satan wants to destroy your children. He wants their souls (and yours). Every written word, every song ever written, every philosophy and religion (or lack thereof) came from only one of two sources: God or Satan.  This may sound extreme but God created man for His honor and glory, and for fellowship with Him. Satan destroyed the bond between God and man in the Garden of Eden. I won’t go off on a rabbit trail here, but think about how violence has increased. Think about the violent movies, games, and music and how their messages have increased. It all plays a part on our psyche, and children are most vulnerable because they have not yet reached a level of maturity where they can discern good and evil when it’s presented as innocent.

We like to think that, because our children are innocent, they are not subject to evil. In fact, the reverse is true. That sentiment makes us as parents naive and blind to the forces at work to destroy our children, our homes, and our families. Scripture says Satan roams about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. He starts with our children.

6 Classic Children’s Books to Avoid.