Pre-Gentle Detox Short Story – Albert, The Perfect Candidate!

And here you have it, folks: the story that comes to life from the song “In the Year 2525.” We should take better care of ourselves so please check out the original site

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Ahead of next week’s Gentle Detox which is designed to lead you into a healthier and lighter lifestyle for 2015 – here is a little story about the world in the not too distant future!  I am mean I know…….

Albert, The Perfect Candidate

On Friday night, Albert sat in the white walled room, his eyes closed against the glare from the fluorescent lighting and his hands over his ears to shut out the infernal racket from the wall-mounted television. He did not have to watch the screen to see what images it displayed. Twenty-four hours a day, it brought the fear and disasters of the world into each room in every house and workplace around the country. Terrorism, financial and natural catastrophes and of course superbugs were all guaranteed to make the headlines. He shook his head. Where did all the ‘good news’ stories go?

His mobile telephone had…

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