What Is The Value Of Your Life?

I drove to Walmart Monday, about a 25 mile stretch of mostly three-lane highway. On the way there I passed an accident on the South-bound side of the road. One lane was blocked. On my return trip two hours later, what appeared to be that same accident, which appeared to be a two-vehicle incident on the way to Walmart, was now a three-vehicle death scene.

The area where the accident occurred was an intersection with a shopping center (strip mall) on the South-bound side of the highway. I heard that it had been a head-on collision. Apparently two vehicles were trying to cross the highway at the cross section without slowing down. I don’t know how the third vehicle got involved unless it hit one of the other vehicles while it was engaged with the other. Jaws of life lay on the ground beside the vehicle shrouded in drapes.

Once I got through the traffic on the way home another vehicle, a small burgundy colored vehicle, which had obviously also been held up in the traffic jam awaiting the opportunity to get around the accident, went flying by me, doing easily fifteen to twenty miles an hour over the speed limit. What? Did that driver not just witness the horrible aftermath of being in too big of a hurry? Did his/her life mean so little that he/she was willing to risk the same result?

For the love of your own soul (not to mention other motorists and motorcylists), please don’t fool yourself into thinking that kind of accident could never happen to you. I’m sure none of the drivers involved in the afore described accident were planning to have one. They all probably thought they were good drivers. Maybe they were, but now at least one person is dead. What difference did it make whether or not that motorist felt capable? Please keep yourself and others safe by driving within the speed limit (whether or not you agree with the posted limit is a moot point; it’s the law) and be alert. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted while driving. It can end in death in an instant.

5 thoughts on “What Is The Value Of Your Life?

  1. So sad, especially before Christmas. We are never guaranteed tomorrow, but we shouldn’t test God with our recklessness. If we could only learn from the mistakes of others, we wouldn’t have to suffer so much ourselves.

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    1. Very true. We once had a neighbor, married with two precious little children. The oldest had just started school that year (kindergarten). He was a construction worker who liked to walk on the girders without a harness. He was a daredevil. He thought nothing could happen to him. He didn’t want to hear about Jesus. One night he took his wife out to dinner, leaving the kids with a grandparent. The road was relatively straight but there were a couple of steep curves. He didn’t like to wear a seat belt either. On the way home from dinner he took the curve too fast so was in the opposite lane of traffic with a car coming straight at him. He turned the wheel and went up the embankment, the car flipping end over end three times. He went through the windshield and was killed instantly at the age of 30. His wife was severely injured and had to have extensive surgeries, and a long recuperation at home. That was about twenty years ago and it still hurts when I think about it. It really would be great if we could learn from the mistakes of others. Unfortunately we listen to the enemy tell us that we are better drivers, smarter, more disciplined, etc. I think we make God weep.


  2. Sad incident. Especially on Christmas season. I agree with your observation that a lot of people take traffic rules and signals for granted. I witnessed a car-wreck on Christmas day morning on my way back from my cycling exercise. Similar case – a usually busy traffic intersection, dense fog, crashed vehicles, and crushed pieces of car-spare parts spread everywhere: logo of the car company, pieces of the rear-view mirror, etc. I understand that while I am behind the wheel, I am responsible not for the lives of people in my car, but also for others on the road including the vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists.

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  3. Amen. We are so prone to take life for granted, to feel pressured into jumping into traffic, assuming that the other driver will see us and not be disracted, assuming that they will have time to slow down and we will be safe. God’s word says our life is but a vapor–here today and gone tomorrow. Life is such a precious gift and we squander it away with frustration over having to wait an extra few seconds in traffic.


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