The Satanic Temple Says Homosexual Marriage is a ‘Sacrament,’

The Satanic Temple Says Homosexual Marriage is a ‘Sacrament,’.

Originally posted on Roger Thorpe’s blog on People may not want to hear the truth, but they need to. If you had cancer wouldn’t you want your doctor to tell you so you could discuss treatment options? Jesus is the cure for sin, hate, rebellion, witchcraft, terrorism, etc. The Bible says God is love, and in Him is no darkness at all.

God doesn’t hate homosexuals. He just hates the sin, the same as He hates lies, adultery, fornication, taking His name in vain, etc. God hates sin, but He loves people. It’s why He send His only begotten Son to die on a cruel cross for our sins. He took our punishment. God doesn’t send anyone to hell; people send themselves because they reject the supreme sacrifice of Christ on the cross. God made a way for every single person to be reconciled to Him. He leaves the choice up to us.