“What If?” by Jeffrey M. Daniels

Reblogging to help draw attention to this author. I really enjoyed this interview, and based on the description of the book here, it sounds like a fun read for all ages.


BookOne_Front_highRes“What If?” by Jeffrey M. Daniels is a beautiful and charming book with an excellent main character. Jeremy Shuttle is clever and quick witted but that isn’t always enough to escape bullies and other problems.
He is a likeable character and his main talent is drawing. One day he receives a notebook which has the power to bring anything he draws to life. This discovery brings a lot of fun and adventure with it, but also some deeper and thoughtful notes.
I found the book hugely enjoyable. All characters are drawn very well and don’t resort to black and white stereotypes and predictability. I would certainly love for my nieces to read this young adult fantasy book and chose Jeremy as role model over any other books in the genre.
The first in the series, the book leaves a few questions open and scope for great things to come.

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