The Real Thanksgiving Isn’t So Happy

I have two viewpoints on this issue. It is true and shameful that our people savagely, murderously stole this land from the people who were here before us. It breaks my heart. For this I am ashamed of “our” people. But not everyone was involved in this treatment of the Native Americans. There were many who honored and respected them. Unfortunately, those people had little or no influence on those were bent on taking what did not rightfully belong to them. However, some white people did have peaceful relations with some Native Americans, and it was the Native Americans who taught those first settlers (mostly city folk) how to grow vegetables and hunt to provide for their families.

Viewpoint #2: There are many tribes and sub-tribes of Native Americans, who treated each other the same way the white men did, often murdering, butchering, and stealing from tribes different from themselves as they traveled from summer pastrures to winter grazing for their horses and in search of climate where they could survive. It has been reported that the two most peaceful tribes were the Iriquois and the Cherokee. BTW, our history books today are loaded with lies about our founding fathers.

2 thoughts on “The Real Thanksgiving Isn’t So Happy

  1. I can’t speak for all my fellow Americans, and it’s pretty obvious that this guy has a different viewpoint than the one I’m about to espouse, but I’m growing a little tired of hearing what a bunch of guys hundreds of years ago did to another bunch of guys. What kind of life would these people now be living had Europeans decided NOT to land on “their” shores? There are still lots of third-world countries on this planet, and I’m sure what is now the United States of America would be among them were it not for brave men like Christopher Columbus and those who came over on the Mayflower.

    The first colonists had no grand designs of “stealing” anything from the Indians. On the contrary, it was the Indians who rescued the settlers from starvation and certain death after their failed experiment with Communism in Jamestown. William Bradford had decided to have one large farm, and asked everyone to work a share of the farm in exchange for an equal share of the harvest. The problem was (as it always is with Communism) everyone expected no one to work, and knew it wouldn’t be fair for them to do all the work and others to get all the benefits, so everybody did nothing, resulting in a very bad harvest. Were it not for the Indians who came to the rescue, surely the entire town would have perished that winter.

    The following year, Bradford decided to divvy up the farm, allowing each member of the town to reap (and keep) the rewards of their own labor, and the first experiment with true capitalism was made, and as history proves, it was a smashing success!

    The other thing that really bothers me about people saying this is that they are living in the past. The past is always seen with utopian eyes. The Natives were living in harmony with the land and with each other until White Devils came over from Europe and destroyed everything! Blah, blah, blah… Yes, there was a lot of bad stuff done. But it’s not because they’re Europeans; it’s because they’re humans, just like the people who already lived here were (and still are) humans. We all have the same genetic disorder. It’s called “sin.” We are all corrupt, and if left to our own devices, have done, can do, are doing, and will continue to do terrible things to each other. That’s why we need a society ruled by the Law instead of ruled by the whims of men, whether white, black, brown, or somewhere in between. We need to recognize that we are one race. We need to get over (or past, or somehow beyond) the idea that we are separated by the color of our skins, and realize that we are one people. We are all in this together, and whatever life we build for ourselves we can and must do it together, because if we can’t find a way to get past our differences (which are only skin deep, after all) and work together, we will fall apart.

    By continually bringing up the past, we continue to live in the past. And people who continue to live in the past are unable to move forward. It’s one thing to glance at the past as a reference guide so we know which way to go from here; it’s quite another to be facing the wrong way while driving the car. You’re bound to run into something unpleasant and ruin the experience for everyone involved. I’m not simply saying to “get over it.” Perhaps as a country we never will. But we should get beyond it so we can move forward and heal these terrible wounds, and that can’t be done as long as we stay focused on events that none of us have any control over. We can’t change the past, but we can build a better future if we work together. So instead of playing the “blame game”, let’s figure out where to go from here.


  2. I want to start by thanking you for reblogging my post and also say that I do respect your, and the above commentors opinion but I do have to say I think both responses were a bit insensitive.

    For one the fact that not all white people commited atrocities against the Native American and the fact that they may have been fighting each other has nothing to do with the fact that they were also killed by white people and then had their land taken from them, which was my original point. Also those facts have nothing to do with the point that the history were are taught in school is not true and is offensive to an entire race of people.

    To the commentor above, I don’t understand exactly what is wrong with remembering and honoring the past. All cultures have a past and ancestors that they remember and honor, why would you suggest we erase the sufferig of the Native Americans? What would we gain from that and what harm do we do by remembering. You may have the priviledge of being “tired of hearing it” but there are people who are reminded daily of what happened to their ancestors. I also believe that people who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

    Your other point that Europeans did the Natives some sort of favor by taking thier land is wrong on so many levels I don’t even know where to begin except to say I think the Native Americans would rather have kept their lives.


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