I’m Thankful For. . .#8

Today is Saturday. It is a balmy, cloudy day with a chance of rain. We gave my mother-in-law her Christmas gift today. We put a flagpole in the ground at the corner of her home and hoisted her deceased husband’s U.S. flag provided by the AmVets at his funeral, and a West Virginia state flag below that. My sister-in-law made a video copy on her cell phone. That was the beginning of the day and it brought tears to my eyes: tears of pride in my country and joy as I remembered my first view of those blue-tinged mountains of West Virginia and it felt as if I’d found my true home, the place where I belonged, at least on this earth. My real home is waiting for me Up Yonder.

Today is a special treat for me because I rarely get to spend “outing” time with my beautiful mother-in-law. She bought tickets for herself, my sister-in-law and me to a fashion show and luncheon. So I won’t be spending much time on the internet today. I’m going to (I wish I could put a row of happy faces here) get out and DO something.

So today I won’t be a homebody. I won’t be glued to my desk. I won’t be unavailable to the outside world. I won’t be working. I’ll be having fun, enjoying the company of two of my favorite people.

Thank you, Lord, for my family. Thank you for the opportunity to spend time with two very influential people in my life, who have really taught and showed me the meaning of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Thank you, Lord, for loving me. Thank you that I can’t earn it or deserve it because that would cheapen the gift.