I’m Thankful For. . .#7

No Snow! I am amazed and appalled at the amount of snow some Northerners are experiencing, and I truly pray for their safety and health. This is such a huge worry with rains coming on top of all of that snow. Christians, Mark 11:22-26 says we can tell mountains to move if we have enough faith. We need to ask God to hold back the rain, and melt the snow slowly so there won’t be any floods. I am REALLY concerned about those folks up north in hospitals, nursing homes, etc., even private citizens (not to mention businesses) with all of that snow piled on top of their roofs and on the streets. Peope can barely get out and move. People are dying in their vehicles covered with snow, unable to move. This may make a great setting for a novel but those dear people aren’t living in a book.

So while I am EXTREMELY thankful to be in the land of warmth and sunshine (it’s on the cool side here but nothing like what those folks up north are enduring), I am pleading with our Lord to please spare everyone else from disaster created by weather and its effects. Please join me in that prayer.