I Changed The Title

There is another blog called theroadtopeace so I changed my title. I checked first and no one else had it.

I’m considering starting my own web page but I’m not sure what all is involved. I’m not real tech savvy. I know I can get a free website and just pay for a domain name, but how would I host it? How would I sell my books on it? Would I have to pay for add-ons to be able to sell? Would I have to pay for a link to PayPal? What other expenses might be involved that I haven’t thought of?

I could upload my own photo and possibly create my own theme, but what would I need to do to make it appealing? How do I get it listed on search engines? How much would that cost?

What do readers look for in an author website?

Can anyone out there help me with this? I don’t want to get started unless I know I have the finances to keep it going. Thanks to all who respond.


2 thoughts on “I Changed The Title

  1. Aleta, I am not tech savvy, so I can’t help. Your new name, the King’s Kid Chronicles is great! When my son was young, we had ‘King’s Kid’ for his user name for wonderzone.com Your title made me think of that. Hope all is well, and good luck with starting a new web page!

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  2. Thanks, Dawn. Your comments always make me smile and thank the Lord for Christian internet friends. If our world keeps crumbling around us (morally) maybe we’ll meet in real life real soon as the trumpet sounds and Jesus calls our names.


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