The Writers Hub Challenge from Nov. 8

Three Photos: I’m going to try to write about all three, even though this is late. This is supposed to be a free writing assignment so we’ll see how it goes. There are photos to go with these.

Photo #1  rain1

What an awful day this turned out to be Rachel Summer said to herself. Her car just broke down. Moments later she heard her cell phone beep. She snatched it up, read the text and jumped out of her car. She wasn’t dressedf for running and the stupid umbreella decided to be diffiuclt to pen but she had to get to her son. THe school bus was on its side with another vehicle sticking out of the passenger side. She ran. She was wearing high heels. But she ran. Her heart was pounding, feet slipping, but she ran.

Photo #2: street

Zippy Stanley worked hard. He walked sevearl miles every day, lugging clothes, trying to sell them out of an odl leanto because he couldn’t afford a storefront. But at the en of every day as he passed by the downtown shops the man at teh cigar store looked at him with disdain and the ladies whko passed by acted like they sustpected him of murder or somethn. Geez, he was jsut trying to earn an honest living. Did they expect him to wear a cote and tie? He lifted his chin and walked by in pride. They were not going ti goet the best of him.

Photo #3: mountain

Wow. this was the place. Here he could challenge himself, see what he could do, no sypathy here, no conditions, no people worrying and freetting. Josh waved to the plane’s ilot began to turn his wheelchair toard the mountain. He knew he couldn’t get the wheelchair to the top but maybe he could find a path and test his enurance. Losing his legs in that mine blast in Afhanistan didn’t cripple his mind. In some ways he was more free now than ever before.