Love and Relationships

Reblogged from NoLimitVoices. Hope this helps anyone going through a similar situation.

No Limit Voices

This story is from do you guys have any suggestions for her? She says Hello nolimitvoices! I do have the topic of love I’d like to discuss. My hope is that some un-bias advice will help the situation. Here it goes…….After a 12 year on and off relationship it was time to sit or get off the pot. My friends ex boyfriend asked for her hand in marriage, but she was not willing to uproot her life to another location without the necessary support needed for her survival, just yet. Necessary support included a stable home, stable environment, an engagement ring, health coverage and the comfort of knowing she could land a job within the area he resided in. Her ex boyfriend never believed for a moment that she was going to leave her job and relocate. So they broke up once again. Now…the ex boyfriend calls after 8…

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