Success is counted sweetest, by those who ne’er succeed…

How many failures am I willing to endure to become the example to others God wants me to be?

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I might like it plain and bland,
but God has other plans on hand,
very spicy is the fare,
no water for me far or near.

I used to have a morbid fear of failure. I would not start anything new. I would plan excellently, covering all contingencies, but execution would have me stumped. As a result, nothing ever got done.

Then, life handed me lots of lemons, one after the other, for a long long time. I had absolutely no choice but to make lemonade. And boy, was it delicious!

Now, I know I have nothing to lose. I have been through the worst. Setbacks and obstacles may come but they would not deter me. Even if I fail, I would have done something; walked a few steps and that is better than not having walked at all.

To quote Emily Dickinson once again,

Success is counted sweetest,

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