Tony A. Smith

456px-John_Wooden John Wooden – UCLA Basketball coach

Don’t whine, don’t complain, don’t make excuses, just do the best you can.

You always hurt the ones you love with a hasty word you can’t recall. 

The things we learn after we know it all in life are the things that really count.

Friendship is two-sided not one way.

Much can be accomplished if you are not worried about who is going to get the credit.

A bell isn’t a bell until you ring it. A song isn’t a song until you sing it.

John Wooden was a great coach, teacher of life, and man with outstanding integrity!

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Miracles and Craftsmanship


For me, craftsmanship would be a miracle!

The gift of Miracles

Primary Text: 1 Corinthians 12:10, 28

The gift of Miracles is the ability to perform supernatural acts as an instrument or agent of God which altered the expected course of nature; its purpose is to change or alter the expected course of nature in order to draw attention to God and glorify His name.

As far as I know, this one is even more rare than tongues. Yet, here’s a question for you: Have you ever prayed for someone who is ill or injured, someone who is going to die, and then they were suddenly fine? I recall years ago a time when my father in law was near death from cancer. The church prayed for him, and a couple of weeks later, for no particular reason that the doctors could identify, he was declared to be cancer free…

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Story for a Sunday Morning

Every Downs Syndrome child (even adult) I have ever seen has been the kindest, gentlest, most loving and forgiving of people. They have a lot to teach the rest of us about attitude.


I heard this little story a while back, and I thought I’s share it with you today…

Bobby had Down  syndrome.  His parents always took him to church on Sundays, and Bobby was in the third grade Sunday School class, but he had problems fitting in with the other boys and girls.  Third graders can be cruel when a child is different, and despite the best efforts of the teacher, Bobby was the butt of many unpleasant comments from the other children.

One day in early spring,  a day when the sun was shining and the birds were singing outside, the teacher took the class out doors.  She had a box of big eggs, the kind of big plastic eggs that nylons come in, and gave an egg to each child and told them to find something the symbolizes the new birth of spring and put it inside their egg.

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What Disney Taught Me About Relationships

Just as in the musical “Grease,” if you have to change who you are to please someone else, then that someone doesn’t love you and isn’t worthy of you.

Xao Thao

I love Disney movies. Disney made such great animated films like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Hercules, Tangled, and Frozen.

However, Disney movies have unrealistic relationships which impacts the thoughts of young girls and even adults. What woman hasn’t yearned for a prince or a knight in shining armor to rescue them? Women even write out those same fantasies in romance novels: dashing princes, knights in shining armor, strong men who can save us. What woman hasn’t had a jerk of a boyfriend or significant other or husband and has stayed with that person, believing in a false “happily ever after”? Women believe that their goodness can overcome the horrible character of another and they will bend and compromise to make things work. Women sacrifice a lot for relationships and it’s because of unrealistic ideals like the relationships set forth in…

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Inspiration For NaNoWriMo Participants

Reblogged from Tiana Lopez: "Literary fiction, aspires to art. It attempts to illuminate the human condition, and uncover universal truths. It applies itself to questions rather than answers. It attends to complexity of character and employs evocative language to uncover layers of story...Literary fiction aims to enlighten, provoke,connect and entertain." -- Monica Wood, Learning from … Continue reading Inspiration For NaNoWriMo Participants

Success is counted sweetest, by those who ne’er succeed…

How many failures am I willing to endure to become the example to others God wants me to be?

Read Write Live

I might like it plain and bland,
but God has other plans on hand,
very spicy is the fare,
no water for me far or near.

I used to have a morbid fear of failure. I would not start anything new. I would plan excellently, covering all contingencies, but execution would have me stumped. As a result, nothing ever got done.

Then, life handed me lots of lemons, one after the other, for a long long time. I had absolutely no choice but to make lemonade. And boy, was it delicious!

Now, I know I have nothing to lose. I have been through the worst. Setbacks and obstacles may come but they would not deter me. Even if I fail, I would have done something; walked a few steps and that is better than not having walked at all.

To quote Emily Dickinson once again,

Success is counted sweetest,

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