New Endeavors

I love crafts but I’m not very good at them, so I’m learning. I want to make my own greeting cards. Here are the ones I made for two of my nieces whose 20-year birthdays (I think they’re turning 20) are coming up soon. I have patterns for the designs, but they have to be enlarged, something I’m not good at doing by hand. My printer will enlarge but it’s out of ink so…..

I had to lay the scissors on top to keep the card flat for the picture.

Casey's Birthday card outside view 2014

Casey's Birthday card inside view 2014

Katie's Birthday card outside view 2014

Katie's Birthday card inside view 2014

2 thoughts on “New Endeavors

  1. I love crafts too! Sometimes I go to the library craft night. A group of ladies get together and share ideas. I am amazed how we all start with the same materials, and end up with totally different looking items. Each craft is unique to the person who made it. I love your cards, and they will be a keepsake for your family to cherish.


  2. Thanks, Dawn. I never hear from my nieces so don’t know if they will like them or not, but at least they’ll know I thought of them, and hopefully they’ll know how much I love them. They’re just turning 20.


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