Discovery Time

I did laundry today. I had been given a new dress (new to me) with bright hues of green, blue, turquoise, and just a hint of pale chartreuse. I washed the dress with matching jacket separately, in a sink, in cold water. As expected, the colors bled. No problem since I washed it separately, right? Except I hang my clothes outside (when the weather is beautiful like today).

The dress was put in the laundry cart first, followed by the rest of the clothes. It didn’t occur to me that the colors would continue to bleed as long as the dress was wet. On top of the dress were a cream colored dress shirt (my husband’s–a Van Hussen bought on sale last year) and his white sweat shirt. They had tinges of turqoise all over them. Oh, no! How can I get rid of that blue tint on these clothes?

Praise the Lord for whoever invented Color Grabber sheets. I put the two shirts in a sink full of cold water and several Color Grabber sheets. When the water turned blue I drained the water out, threw those Color Grabber sheets away, and put fresh cold water in the sink. I sprayed the blue areas on the shirts with Oxyclean laundry booster and put the sweatshirt back in the sink by itself. I placed the color sheets on top of the blue areas and held them there for a couple of minutes. Then I walked away and let them soak for about an hour. Guess what? No more blue except for an ink stain I hadn’t noticed before.

I repeated that process with the cream colored shirt. There is still a light tinge of blue on the under side of one sleeve. I’m hoping that when it’s dry the blue won’t be noticable.

Yea, Color Grabber!