God Doesn’t Hate Women

I have heard so many women say that God hates women, and that’s why women need to take leadership roles in churches, in their communities, government, etc. These women feel downtrodden, inferior, undervalued, and degraded.

I don’t know what Bible they are reading, but my KJV Bible shows God’s love of women. It tells men to love their husbands the same way Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it. It says men are to be gentle to their wives and protect them from harm. It says a man is to cherish his wife.

It does say that women are to be silent in church. This is because, as stated in Scripture, that in the days of Christ and before, women and men were not allowed to sit together in church (or temple, or tabernacle), and they would holler out questions to their husbands to get an expanation of the passage being read. Today, we sit together. It is still better for everyone around us if we wait until after church to ask questions. It’s rude to disturb others. Write the question down and ask about it later.

Scripture does emphatically state that a woman is not to teach, nor to usurp authority, over a man. It also gives the reason: because Eve was deceived–she listened to the serpent. She thought she was being logical and wise but she got herself and her husband kicked out of the garden. Adam sinned on purpose. Eve was duped. Because women, in general, are inclined to listen to everything that sounds like reason, but led by our emotions, we are to follow our husband’s lead. How we treat each other in our marriages is a picture of our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Scripture teaches that God will hold the man, as head of the household, accountable for the actions, attitudes, and welfare of his family. That’s God’s protection.

When we, as women, follow God’s rules and guidelines, it frees us from the responsibility, causes our husbands to value us more (see Proverbs 31), creates more peace and harmony in our homes, and teaches our children by example, how to have a happy marriage when they grow up. It keeps us in a right relationship with God, knowing that His guidelines and principles are there for our best and His glory. I feel so free, so loved, so valued, and so cherished, not just by my husband, but by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. I don’t have to push myself forward. I don’t have to elevate myself. When I stopped trying to be the one in charge and have everything my way; when I finally decided to do things God’s way, the chains that had me bound to strife and trying to be the feminist the world says I should be, I discovered true freedom, peace, happiness, joy, love. What else could I possibly want?

P.S. I’m not a doormat. I still get to voice my opinion, thoughts, feelings, etc. My husband and I are a partnership. We cooperate with each other and with God (or we try to). In the end I let him make the final decisions because he’s the one who has to answer to God in the end for our family. I trust him completely. Most of the time he’s right. Also, most of the time we agree.