The Sad and Homely Man

He was a sad, homely man

With no redeeming physical features

The hungry, the sick, the lame, and handicapped,

All followed him to receive whatever he could give;

He fed the hungry, healed the sick, cured the lame

and infirm, and gave sanity to the insane.

He even raised the dead! All of his worldly

possessions were the clothes he wore, no place

even to lay his head, except when he visited friends.

The penalty for his goodness was a cat-o-nine-tails,

laid cruelly across his back thirty-nine times;

a crown of thorns thrust upon his head, a nail to

pierce each hand and his crossed feet; his beard

was plucked while he was blindfolded, spat upon,

and punched in the face; all done by hands he

had healed or fed. He was mocked and scorned

by those he had loved, as he hung there naked,

humiliated, and abandoned by his friends. His

final answer was not retribution; it was,

“Father, fogive them, for they don’t understand

what they are doing.”

What is your answer to Jesus?

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